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Baner was never this cool, right? I’ve lived here all my school life. Thanks to the “Smart City” syndrome and IT blessings we now have the coolest hangouts and unique restaurants in Baner. In the past year Balewadi High Street and Baner has seen multiple fun hangouts and unique restaurants mushroom around every corner. I thought it is great time to list down the ones that are really unique in some way and worth your while.

These 10 Coolest Hangouts you don’t want to miss in Baner each have something unique and interesting about them. Ones that haven’t made it to the list, with our continuous search for something new and shutting down of boring places, I’m sure new, good ones will make it to this list soon enough.


  • Urban Foundry – Quirkiness Quotient

The young and the restless, as well as the young at heart have a killer time in this place. I have to admit I found it a bit “over-quirky” when I first visited with my family. It’s really not a place to visit with family and more of a drinking place. It does have a cool, quirky vibe about it with the dingy, warehouse look, heavy tools for cutlery and a fusion menu, it is a very “cool” picture friendly place for young people. You can’t miss this drink in a skull or not find people share, post and like it on social media. I know I always post a picture of this drink! And I know you would too.

  • Nawab Asia – Delectable North Indian Food

This place just works because of its delicious food and delectable Mughlai, Awadhi menu. It is a cuisine that is most loved and the menu is moderately priced, and so you will find long queues of families chatting outside. In my experience, the food is good in quality, taste and the menu offers some rare new options. Nawab Asia is a must-try for families that love to eat Indian.


  • TeddyBoy – Rooftop Fun & Seafood options

What I love about this place is its perfect rooftop party location. The breezy Pune weather and comfortable seating makes for a great after-work hangout. Doyel Sarangi, a Masterchef India finalist, has put a quirky fusion menu together. The fun drinks compliment the menu very nicely. This place also has some Instagram-friendly options on the menu that you might like to try. While the Kulcha and Butter chicken taco is an amusing treat served in a rickshaw, the dish works because the taste of the butter chicken is really spot on. You can add gimmicks, but eventually what matters is the food, right? I enjoyed the use of Bengali achaar in their sula paneer starter. Since the Chef is a Bengali, it is no doubt that the seafood dishes are fresh, good quality and available in a variety of avatars on this menu. It’s a great place to catch up with friends over a few drinks and snacks.


  • Tertullia – Desserts & Italian

I visited this place on a dry-day, and I’m glad about it. I was not buzzed, so I fully enjoyed their delicious watermelon mojito, handmade ravioli and gooey chocolate cake. Tertullia, like it’s competitors studded along the same line has an original, mix-of-cuisine-we-like stylish menu. It stands out in its desserts and Italian fare more than say, the mezze platter! Good music and definitely worth a chilled out weekend.

  • Maratha Samrat – Maharashtrian & Non Vegetarian fare

I came across this place just yesterday. This one in Baner is a branch of the popular Maharashtrian eatery of the same name in Kothrud. It’s namesake is known for its non vegetarian fare, big thalis and local delicacies from across Maharashtra. It is hard to come by regional specialties on “multi-cuisine” restaurant menus; the menu at Maratha Samrat is like a breath of fresh air in this area. The outlet looks promising with the known success of its counterpart in the other half of the city.

  • Funky Kona – Drinking Hangout

I’ll be honest. I’ve only heard about this place. But I’ve heard a lot. Plenty of good word from friends in Baner, friends in Aundh and even from across the university border. Not only does this angular building catch the attention from far across, it has also kept the interest of many young people as an easy-going hangout for drinks and snacks. I have to pay a visit one of these days, and I’ll be more qualified to comment on the menu then. Meanwhile, since it is quite popular and a favorite, I couldn’t miss mentioning it.

  • K-factory – Fusion food & Experimental Menu

Almost everyday of the week, you will find a long que outside this place. That fast moving que says a lot about this place. First is that the food is worth waiting for, and second is the service is as quick as lightening. The latter of course has been tricky for me in the past, we were rushed through our meal in an hour when we wanted to take our time to enjoy the food and our family time together. The menu, like many other menus has a fusion, global-desi take on common favorites. It also allows you to experiment with familiar flavours but new dishes from across the globe. Each of the dishes are more Glocal than desi, but the menu is one to appeal because it is nothing like anything else in the area. You won’t find this menu or these exact dishes, in other restaurants in the area.

  • Bubsterr’s – Pizza by the Slice

If you like to Pizza by the slice, there’s finally a decent option in Baner. I’m not a fan of Dominos, so finding good Pizza in this area has been a personal struggle. They have Tex-Mex Crunch, Citron and a lot of variety. It’s a cut above the cheese, onion and capsicum boredom. They have four or five pork pizza varieties to choose from if you’re a meat lover, you’re not just stuck with Pepperoni. It is very videsi and also serves hot dogs and burgers, but pizza is their main game. I’d order this but they also have WiFi, so it’s not a bad hangout either.

  • Gustozo – Breakfast & Brunch

This is among the rare places for a decent weekend breakfast or brunch in this area. It is cool and comfortable for eggs, waffles and pancakes. If you wanna grab a coffee and sandwich, or just some dessert, this place is a decent option for a morning meeting.

  • Playboy Beer Garden – Cocktails & Nightlife

A full bar, live entertainment, Karaoke and live sports screening makes the perfect recipe for an exciting weekend! Just don’t turn up here on a dry day and that signature playboy bunny won’t miss showing you a good time. Obviously, I’d not recommend going to this place with family. I prefer their cocktails, jugs and shots to just beer. I have a separate list of favourites for beer lovers in Pune, but that’s a different list altogether.

I hope you’re well mapped in Baner now, of course you can comment here or just ping me on zomato if you come across an exciting new place, or if you wish to add to the list! Do let me know if any of these places lose their zing, or if you find more zing elsewhere. Keep me posted folks! Happy eating..


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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.
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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.

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