5 Reasons to Drink FRUIT INFUSED WATER, Say No to Cola

Have you tried adding pieces of fruit, berries or even lemon and herbs to your water this summer? You will forget about Cola and sugar loaded orange drinks. While coconut water is loaded with nutrients, let’s face it, it becomes expensive in the summer, and it’s not as cheap as Cola in the fridge. I get it, no one wants to drink excess sugar, but what do you offer when people come over? There’s a simple solution, it’s called Fruit Infused Water.

Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

We have all tried cucumber water or water with slices of lemon and mint at some point. But this summer, it’s time to get creative. Fruit infused water combined with citrus slices and herbs,

#1 boosts our metabolism,

#2 detoxes our body,

#3 improves our skin

#4 Prevents us from drinking excess sugar and empty calories

#5 Is yummy and encourages us to DRINK MORE WATER in the summer.

So what’s stopping you? Get creative, chop up some fruit, throw in some berries and herbs in a pitcher of water. Keep it to infuse in the fridge overnight, and in the morning, you are good to go. You can store the fruit infused water to serve guests, you also get fruit infuser water bottles to carry your flavoured water along. Try making different flavours in little jars and serve a variety to kids! I’m sure you’ll love it once you start getting creative with the flavours.

5 Infused water Ideas you can try

  1. Cucumber – Mint – Lemon Water this no-brainer detox water is made with simple ingredients that are easy to find in your refrigerator and it works wonder to flush out the toxins from our body.
  2. Watermelon – Strawberry – Mint – I love the flavours in this one, a little sweet, a little sour and very refreshing. It is packed with vitamins and helps in boosting the metabolism. It is a great combination to add in your bottle for after a run.
  3. Apple Cinnamon – lemon This simple apple and cinnamon infused water tastes even better with a few drops of honey in it. Lemon is a natural fat burner. Infuse the water overnight before you drink the yumminess in the day.
  4. Pineapple – Orange – Mint This combination goes very well if you have a few cherries to add in. But even without it, this water will replace the artificial flavours of cola with its naturally sweet and refreshing taste.
  5. Ginger – Black Tea Bag – Pomegranate – Lemon  Ginger with it’s healing properties will keep your stomach happy. Pomegranate and lemon with pump up some useful vitamins into your system.

Go wild with experiments , a popular FAT Burner drink also included lemon along with cayenne pepper and honey! This one is known as a magic drink to lose weight fast. But I suggest, drink it for taste, not shortcuts. You can get creative with ingredients like aloe vera, spices, any citrus fruits, any season fruits except for fruits like mango that might get smooshy. Add herbs, variety of teas and even turmeric and black pepper to get the best out of your flavour infused water.

I found these amazing Fruit Infuser water bottles online which you can carry along anywhere. The glass bottle were slightly more expensive, though totally worth it, but it you want to try out something reasonably priced there are a few plastic bottle available too.

Try glass Fruit Infuser bottle here

Plastic bottle here

Honestly speaking, I haven’t bought either of these bottles, I want to, but I haven’t. For now, I simply add some fruits and wedges of lemon and some mint every night in my water. In the morning I have very flavourful refreshing water to drink.

Let me know if you tried any creative ideas to make your own flavoured water. If you did, do share a recipe and picture in the comments below. If you liked this post or this idea that we shared, then please like the post and tell us what more you would like to learn about, so we can share it here!


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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.
Kriti Saxena
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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.

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