DIY Kitchen Makeover Project – Making Food Dreams Come True..

When I was a little girl ..

When I was a little girl, I loved to play kitchen! My DIY Kitchen Project is all about making food dreams come true. Growing up, I never owned a dollhouse. We never really needed one; my six cousins and I would each claim a study table or a chair and call it our “house”. I would spend the entire summer vacation dreaming about how I want to set up my own little kitchen. Probably the only thing that has changed is the size of my kitchen playthings.

I live with my parents, on other days I live in a rented apartment with a tiny kitchen and a bossy older sister. Even today, I think about having my own little kitchen someday. I even imagine where my herb garden would go, what my kitchen counter would look like and even what kind of grinder I would like. If you have ever held on to a little wish since you were a child, you would know what it feels like when a surprise package makes that vision come alive. Well, that is exactly what happened to me recently.


Making Food Dreams Come True ..

A Massive Package arrives..

About two weeks ago I received a massive package at my doorstep. I had no idea who had sent it, I read my name on it and got so excited that I just began to break it open. To my surprise, the box was full of colourful kitchen stuff! There were bright pink mixing bowls in 3 different sizes. There were bright, colorful and skid-free chopping boards. Bright green ingredient bowls, storage boxes, little tiny masala boxes, salt and peppershakers, it was all here! There were boxes to store every ingredient that I’ll probably ever need in my kitchen.

For a decade now, my mom and I have been collecting kitchen items from all over the world. I have collected German steel knives and pineapple Schneider, to cocktail glasses and Swiss-made glass bottles. I have saved it all and kept them locked up in a cupboard. Somehow, it never felt like the right time, to get those things out and finally set up that dream kitchen.

Bright New Stuff
Bright New Stuff

New Beginnings…

But something changed that afternoon, something about this oh-so-bright package that had arrived at my door inspired me to do it. To go ahead and make my food dreams come true. And that’s when I made this decision. My YouTube channel is on full swing and I need a studio of my own to stick to my shoot schedules. There’s no way that I can get my kind mother to vacate her kitchen for my shoots every other day. The attic is empty and all this stuff is so inspiring! I finally have all the stuff I need to make my kitchen look good, bright and really pretty most of all. So I am going for it.


I am converting my Attic into a Brand New DIY Studio kitchen..!

I will be sharing all the little steps and details about how I am putting this together. I’m sharing my kitchen story so that one day, you will be inspired to do up or redo your own kitchen on a low budget DIY project. I’m really inspired with all the lovely DIY ideas on Pinterest and all over the Internet. So go ahead and follow my DIY kitchen ideas board to see all the ideas that I’m shortlisting for this project. I will keep updating this post and adding ideas to it. So you can come back and see the progress as we go along.


Bright and Shiny New Kitchen Stuff..


Here’s a glimpse of all the colourful stuff sent to me by All Time Plastics that really inspired me to finally start this project. This stuff is really cool, it is so bright that it makes me happy, especially with bland white walls in my attic it brings that happy pop of colour that my kitchen needs.

All the captions have the details of their products. The chopping board in white is skid free so it doesn’t move as you chop. A lot of their bowls are not microwavable so don’t risk it. They have a wide range of stuff. A lot of airtight containers bowl, measuring cups, mugs, jars and really cute looking measuring spoons. The large pink bowls, red colander and bright green bowls are so dear to me because they are adding so much spunk to my kitchen look! I’m really digging this.

Here are the Steps I’ve taken so far to convert my dingy, storage space of an attic to a Kitchen Makeover on a budget.

How to make Bright, New DIY Kitchen?

Step 1 – Checking for Light and Ventilation

When you’re converting any space into a kitchen, ventilation is very important. Since I’m trying to create a kitchen on a budget, I’m not looking to buy an electric chimney, so I chose room with many windows so that it doesn’t get too stuffy when I cook or give a tadka.

I also checked which part of the room is well lit for most part of the day. Day light makes the food look great when I take pictures for a blog or shoot a video. Fumes and low light while cooking can affect your eyes badly, so ventilation and light are important if you spend long hours in the kitchen.


Step 2 – Cleaning out the Mess & Sanitization

There was a lot of old stuff stored in the attic for years. Luckily, I found that some of the old stuff could be refashioned and put to use in the new kitchen. I have some old wooden window frames for instance which I intend to use to hang my pots and pans, so there’ll be some mini DIY projects along the way. Once I moved stuff around to empty out a part of the attic, it was time for deep cleaning. It is a storage space being turned into a kitchen, so the cleaning is intense. I dusted and washed, and then sprayed disinfectants everywhere, then washed again.


Step 3 – Planning and Kitchen Layout

We have a layout as per flow of work in professional kitchens. It is, storage and prep on the far left, final mixing and cooking on the right, and then finishing at the pick up counter. In this case I kept it simple. Chopping and prep on the far left [of the right-handed cook], then mixing and finally cooking. Instead of pick up counter, I kept a little photo corner to take good pictures of the final dish.


Step 4 – Basic Set Up



Materials used so far [I’ll keep adding them as I go along]
  • Marble or granite slab to create kitchen counter top. You can also use a cement sheet for the tabletop.
  • An old study desk or table, strong enough to hold the kitchen counter top
  • A sink or makeshift water supply and drainage provision in one corner of the room.


I’ve used an old marble tabletop placed on an old dark wood study table to create the kitchen counter. The marble top is 5 foot by 3 foot while the table that holds it is about a foot smaller on either side. But don’t worry it is unlikely that it will topple. There’s no water supply in this room, so I am creating a makeshift sink. This is how we do it on sets. A steel sink on the side is connected to a bucket of water and a small motor pump and an empty bucket is placed under the sink for the drained water. These are some of the first steps I’ve taken. I’ll be mentioning more of the materials used and steps taken, as we go along.


I’m welcoming ideas from everywhere. If you have ever executed a DIY Kitchen project of your own or if you have any wonderful budget ideas for my kitchen, then please feel free to share it in the comments or follow me on instagram and share your ideas as we go. I’m more practical than artsy, so I would love to hear your ideas to make this place as pretty as I can.







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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.
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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.

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