11 Natural Foods Reverse Diabetes


11 Natural Foods Cure Diabetes
11 Natural Foods Cure Diabetes

Both my parents crave sweets but struggle to keep their blood sugar in check, to help them out I started researching natural foods that cure diabetes. It was heartbreaking for me to see my dad who is such a sweet tooth crave sweets but not be able to eat them at all. The artificial sweeteners are often cancer causing and at times even more harmful than white sugar. That’s when I found that there is a way to reverse diabetes naturally and enjoy sweets once in a while without having blood sugar rise and fall drastically.

Freedom from Diabetes

That’s when I go in touch with Dr. Pramod Tripathi of the Freedom from Diabetes program. Dr. Tripathi has helped naturally reverse diabetes with his program for thousands of people. By 2017, 5000 of his patients were completely off diabetes tablets and 1000 patients were off insulin shots. That is a commendable number for people who have been able to stop diabetes medication just through natural foods and changes in their lifestyle.


3 Mistakes All Type II Diabetes Patients Make

Dr. Pramod Tripathi has done a lot of research on diabetes and its causes. He has also studied research and theories about diabetes from across the world. He says there are three mistakes all diabetes patients make.

  • Eat Foods that cause high acidity
  • Eat foods that have high fat
  • Eat food that lacks micro nutrients, that is, essential Vitamins and Minerals

According to his research on diabetes, high fat around the muscle, acidity and lack of micronutrients prevent insulin from doing its work properly and sugar to get absorbed in our muscles. He also said hormones like IGF in Milk and dairy products attached to the muscle and blocks insulin from doing its job.

I recently interviewed and played a game to free my dad from Diabetes with Dr. Pramod Tripathi. He gave us a few simple to tips to follow that will help my parents reverse their diabetes naturally and stabilize their blood sugar completely.


11 Rules Freedom from Diabetes 

Here are 11 simple food rules to follow which will help you stabilize your blood sugar. These rules are not just for people who have high or low blood sugar. Everyone can follow these tips to maintain general health and fitness.

  • 1. Why Almond Milk & Coconut Milk are better than Cow’s Milk

Cow’s Milk and dairy products like paneer, ghee, dahi, buttermilk and such should be stopped immediately and completely. The reason is that dairy contains IGF which resembles insulin, blocks insulin by attaching itself to the muscle tissue and prevents it from stabilizing blood sugar. I’ve experienced this myself. Just to test the concept I stopped dairy suddenly and completely in a day, and immediately my after-meal blood sugar dropped to 100 with no other change in my diet. Other than this, milk we buy often has a lot of growth hormones and other artificially injected hormones in the cow, making the dairy more harmful than beneficial to us.

If you must have it, reduce the your dairy intake to once or twice in a week and go for grass-fed, hormone free desi cow’s milk. Coconut milk and almond milk are good replacements to have you can also make cashew cheese and cashew curd. I will post the recipe in the recipe section.

  • 2. Choose Dals, Beans and Sprouts over eggs, meat & fish

Animal proteins like eggs, meat and fish cause acidity and therefore inflammation in the body. In the long term, this acidity and inflammation prevents insulin from doing its job of stabilizing blood sugar. Reduce animal protein considerably if you can’t cut it down completely.

Lentils, pulses and sprouts are a great source of vegetarian protein. You will find these vegan protein Indian dishes a delicious addition to your daily menu. They are full of vitamins and minerals and do not cause as much acidity as animal protein. Animal protein is also often loaded with artificially injected growth hormones that are harmful to us.

  • 3. Start eating Salad & Raw Greens

Raw greens and salads are loaded with micronutrients that are otherwise lacking in our diet. The addition of fiber from raw food also improves digestion and general functions of the body. Raw greens are full of magnesium, which is a mineral that several diabetes patients are deficient in. Eating salad and raw greens in the form of smoothie or chutney everyday helps boost overall health and the micronutrients in raw food is specially for diabetes reversal.


  • 4. Eat Rice or Roti, not both in one meal

Excess carbohydrates cause blood sugar to rise. Nearly 70 percent of an Indian food plate is carbohydrate. It is also difficult to digest two types of carb in one meal. Eating either one roti or one katori rice in a meal will reduce the quantity of carb and also ease digestion and stabilizing blood sugar.


  • 5. Eat Chutney to make every meal tasty

Chutneys are ancient food wisdom given to us by our ancestors. Eating raw herbs, vegetables, nuts and seeds in the form of chutneys are great for our health. As I had mentioned earlier, raw greens and vegetables are rich in micronutrients that makes them great for diabetes reversal.


  • 6. Balanced Meal Plate

Balance your meal by keeping 25 percent of the plate for all essential food groups. As opposed to the age old food pyramid, the plate should now be divided into 25 percent of all for main foods. 25 percent grain for carb, 25 percent protein, 25 percent cooked vegetable and 25 percent raw greens and vegetables for micronutrients.


  • 7. Herbal tea or Green tea over Milky, sweet Chai

Drinking Chai first thing in the morning not only causes acidity but also the milk is also not good for insulin function, as we had discussed above. Replacing chai with herbal tea or green tea during the day prevents acidity and aids bodily functions.


  • 8. Know your Roti Wheat

The type of wheat you are eating makes all the difference. Lot of people can be allergic to gluten that can cause inflammation in the stomach. Wheat also causes more acidity than rice or other lentil rotis like missi roti. Khapli wheat is indigenous wheat available in India. This wheat is better for daily consumption.


  • 9. Buckwheat, Jowar, Bajra Rotis are better

As I had mentioned earlier, wheat can cause acidity and disrupt the function of insulin that stabilizes the blood sugar. Ancient and indigenous grains like sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra) and buckwheat (Kootu) are options that can be used to replace wheat in a meal.

  • 10. Vegetables – Cook them right

Overcooking vegetables makes them loose essential nutrients in the process. A quick stir fry on high heat for beans and carrot, a healthy sauté with oil water mixture for peas or steaming cauliflower may the right way to go for cooking vegetables right.


  • 11. Starting the Day with Smoothie, No Grain Breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy smoothie loaded with nutrients helps us stay energetic and fit through the day. The Freedom from Diabetes smoothie is loaded with micronutrients and is great before and after your morning exercise. It is made with one macro green, preferably a dark green leafy like spinach. It also has any two micro green likes paan, mint, tulsi leaves or curry leaves. It has a low sugar fruit like apple, pear or strawberry. It has spices like cinnamon, black pepper, rock salt and fresh turmeric if you have any. You can also include nuts and dried fruits for added taste and wholesomeness. If your blood sugar is stable the non-diabetics can also have this smoothie with sweeter fruits like banana and chikoo.

The food rules accompanied by exercising and building muscle (even for women) help counter diabetes. Instead of simply walking, alternate it with a little running to help reverse diabetes.

You might assume that these tips are not for me. But the truth is these foods are beneficial for everyone. If you are having trouble making drastic changes suddenly, start by making small changes like making your chai with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. You can incorporate what is good for you forst, increase its quantity and slowly reduce the animal protein and excess carbohydrate.

Even if your parents are diabetic or the size of your waist in inches is more than half your height in inches, you might be pre diabetic without knowing it right now. Make the changes now to stop yourself from becoming diabetic later. Diabetes affects your overall energy, fitness and body functions. You become more susceptible to organ failure in the long term. Take necessary measures and incorporate good natural foods including raw foods in your diet.


You can watch this video with Dr. Pramod Tripathi for more information on Freedom from Diabetes. After the sugar control with these tips there’s a test that allows diabetics to eat 8 jalebis without any drastic fluctuation in blood sugar. So the truth is Diabetes can be reversed naturally by following these simple rules. Let me know if you have any questions about diabetes and I will pass it on to Dr. Tripathi for an answer.


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Food journalist, researcher & marketer. Food, to me, is therapy. Let's use superfood and nutritious ingredients to make healthy food fun for our family. If eating well makes you happy, welcome to the family.

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