We BUY it to TRY it. This review is not sponsored or paid by any party. This is my personal opinion on the product after buying it with my hard earned money.

From mindless snacking and overloading on salty chips and chewing our way to obesity we have now moved to mindful snacking. We all believe that munching is good for us, every few hours when we feel a lack of energy or just bored, we munch, but it matters if those snacks are healthy.

So, you can imagine how righteous I felt when I bought this packet of dehydrated (NOT BAKED, NOT FRIED like the pack says) CHIPS. These are oil-free chips that are simply dehydrated to crispy perfection. There is no added salt in the beetroot variety although a spinach variety I saw had added natural flavours. I tried two varieties from DesiVDesi Beetroot Chips & Chikoo Chips.

The Beetroot Chips

These beetroot chips made me feel so good, simply to know that they are pure, good quality beetroot that have been dried to make chips and nothing more. They don’t have added colour or salt. There is no other spice or oil that is added to make this variety. The flavour is very earthy with a sweetish undertone. It would taste awesome if you sprinkled some Kala namak and black pepper on it. I think they would work brilliantly as a garnish on a rich dish or even with a dessert like a chocolate mousse. They are earthy and neutral in flavour so they can be used with both savoury and desserts. I would love to enjoy them as chips with Dal Chaaval. For Rs40 a pack of 15 to 20g, I found to be a bit steep.


The Chikoo Chips

The chikoo chips are great for sweet cravings or small nibbles for energy and good taste. These too are simple dehydrated chikoo with no added oil, salt or sugar. Read the nutrition facts on the label. Even though the fruit may not have the same nutrient value as its fresh counterparts, it is a far healthier alternative to candy and other sweets with refined sugar. The natural sugar in chikoo keeps it sweet and tasty. It is slightly chewy and since it is an all natural product each bite and fruits looks and tastes different.

You can buy these online on the DesiVDesi website. They are healthy and affordable snacks. I am looking forward to trying the spinach option. If you try these, or any other flavours from Desi V Desi  do let us know what you thought of them in the comments below.