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5 Innovative Vegetarian Food Ideas, Snacks & Homemade Mithai for Diwali Party

5 Diwali Party Ideas

5 Diwali Party Ideas

Need new and innovative ideas Vegetarian food ideas, snacks and homemade mithai for a Diwali party are meant to wow everyone? These fun recipes are quick and easy to prepare. They will take less time but make a bigger impression on your vegetarian Diwali party guests.


  1.  Eggless Egg Kebab with Leftover Chhole – Special something for vegetarians

Do you want to cook up a dish to remember for vegetarians? This leftover chhole kebab looks like an egg but it is a vegan preparation. It is unique, fun and easy to cook! You can simply use leftover chhole or use boiled or canned chickpeas. There’s a sinful center of creamy paneer and the outer covering is spicy and delicious. This is the vegetarian variety of scotch eggs, if you will. Check out the innovative vegetarian recipe here!

  1. Mickey Mouse Besan Laddoo for Kids in 15 minutes

Kids will love to make it and eat these nutritious laddoos. Packed with protein, they are full of goodness for growth and development of the muscles.The mouse face is tucked with slices of almonds to boost the taste and energy. Share happiness and smiles on your Diwali Party. Here is the recipe.



  1. Leftover Dal Soup in Bread Bowl – Classy European Snack for party guests

Wondering what you can make with some leftover black dal? Wonder no more. Here’s a black dal that can be served to special guests in a bowl made of bread! Just break a piece of bread from the sides and dip it in the European style soup. Isn’t this a great food idea for vegetarians? It is easy to make and filling for party guests. See the recipe here.



  1. Leftover Roti Sweet for Surprise Guests

This sweet looks like a million buck. It is bound to get your surprise guests wondering how you pulled it off in such a short time. Most homes have leftover rotis and yogurt lying in the fridge, even if you have a little rice instead of roti, you can try out this yummy dish.



  1. 15 Minutes Homemade Malai Barfi for a quick fix mithai

Malai barfi is best eaten fresh, really fresh. When there’s no mithai at home, or someone doesn’t like what you’ve bought from the store, this malai barfi is the perfect quick fix. It is ready in 15 minutes and really yummy too. Here’s a recipe for Homemade mithai.


Do try out these recipes and share pictures with us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We would love to hear more food ideas. Share your Diwali recipes and ideas here. The best recipe submissions will get a Diwali surprise gift from us.  Have a yummy Diwali.

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Happy Cooking!!

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