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7 Senses to Tease with Salmon this Weekend – Take Your Date to this place

7 senses to tease you say? Well, you know about the first five, but if you follow my lead, you might just discover a couple of new ones this weekend. I’m not just tricking you, I promise. Last weekend, my senses were brought to the brim with gentle, unique flavours that stirred my spirit to happiness, and I discovered that there was more to a culinary experience than indulging our eyes, nose, ears, fingers and tongue.

If you ask me, I’m the kind of girl that loves her rasta chinese with the loud chatter of garlic and chilli, I also find comfort in a warm and creamy butter chicken, yet the soothing cheesy spaghetti carbonara is on top of my list. But sometimes, when the Chef is a genius, you need none of that. None of the chilli and garlic, no cream and no cheese, you can go into an mmmmm.. and aaahhh just with a simple, fresh and delicate ingredient.

I call Chef Asep a culinary genius because without manipulating the integrity of fresh salmon he managed to pair it with the most unlikely ingredients so effortlessly. You might have seen some of his creations on my instagram account. It was truly a meal that makes you want to shut your eyes and let the flavours do the talking.

Chef Asep

Head Sushi Chef at Trident BKC

A delight for the eyes

It’s true what they say, there’s beauty in simplicity. The minimalistic, practical style of plating food and simply pairing a soft pink of the salmon with a hint of pastel green coming from avocado or wasabi (yes, I said those two in one breath) made the dinner plate nothing short of a canvas. The artist was the Chef, who carefully constructed the thinly sliced pink salmon carpaccio flower with a pastel green center of avocado tartare, delicately sprinkled with the crunch of fried onion. The golden, glistening skin of pan-seared marinated salmon for main course was adorned with vibrant colours and clean cuts of bright green broccoli flowers, crunchy orange carrot and refreshing yellow squash. Eat with your eyes first, they say, and so I did.

Salmon Carpaccio

Salmon Carpaccio

Pleasure for the nose

You may have got the stench sometime but you must never have gotten the sweet scent of fresh fish. Have you? It is hard to understand when you think about the sweet aroma of fresh, raw fish but it is so easy to love it when you experience it. I’ve only dealt with raw fish on my kitchen table or at the fishmongers’. At my kitchen table, the fresh fish smells sweet and clean. Sweeter than that flavor was the aroma of the fresh, raw salmon that I ate at Trident BKC. Three in five courses in that meal were raw fish. And yet, the aroma of the salmon carpaccio, sushi, sashimi and salmon and fresh wakame salad was sweet and soothing.

Chef Ashish Bhasin

Norwegian Salmon

A song for the ears

You know what is a Chef’s favorite song? The mmmms and aaahhs the diners make when they eat his food. If you ask me, it is music to my ears too, because it tells me just how delicious the food that I am about to taste must be. From the first course I put in my mouth, which was a salmon with caramelized onion and wasabi salsa to the, salad, sushi, sashimi and the pan seared salmon for main course, every step of the meal had the mmmmms attached to every bite. The buttery creaminess of rich avaocados were coupled so beautfully with the sweetness of the raw salmon and the kick from the wasabi, ponzu and soy.

Salmon Salad

Salmon Avocado Salad

The harmony of textures

It seemed like such an unlikely combination of flavours and textures had come together like a party in my mouth! There was the silky, smooth raw salmon with creamy, buttery avocados, the jelly-like light sweetness of caramelized onions and velvety mayo, which contrasted with a punch from the wasabi, a hit of the ponzu and soy sauce, and crunchiness from fried onion flakes, nutty sesame sprinkles and flying fish roe. The sushi and sashimi was the best that I have tasted in Mumbai city so far. Their quality of sushi doesn’t even give the others a chance.

Salmon Tataki

Salmon Tataki


Praise on your lips

It was the unique combinations that made us all, the Consul General of Norway and his wife, an importer from the food industry, a school principal, a world traveller and me, break into a wow song once we had unfolded the mystery of this meal. That, for me, is awakening the sixth sense. When a meal is so distinctive that it opens the door for new possibilities. A meal, that inspires a dialogue about food, its beauty and its simplicity.


Craving on your tongue

Did you know, that salmon is among the least addictive foods? Yet, the Chef managed to conjure up my craving for salmon. The 7th sense, after a divine culinary experience is that each time you think about that meal, it stirs your spirit to crave it again. It’s been four days since I enjoyed the culinary creations at Trident, BKC, and yet each time I think about it, I want to enjoy that meal four more times, before their Salmon festival comes to an end. Power of cooking, I’d say it is.


Sushi Sashimi Platter

Sushi Sashimi Platter

Are you planning to go on a date this weekend? Or planning to take your girlfriend or wife to some place nice? Then you wouldn’t want to miss the salmon experience at O22 and Botticino at Trident BKC till the 15th of Arpil, 2017. All the opinions in this article are my own. I was invited by Trident BKC to try this meal and give them my feedback. I honestly enjoyed the menu that they have created for the Salmon festival. I believe that culinary excellence should always be appreciated and Chef Asep’s food pairings were exquisite. But don’t just take my word for it, try the food pairings for yourself and let me know what you thought about his work. I’d love to hear from you and know your opinion about this festival too. I would not recommend this festival to vegetarians, though I’m sure they have other wonderful options for the vegetarian connoisseurs.


Norwegian Salmon Festival at Trident BKC

Norwegian Salmon Festival at Trident BKC

Want to Spend An Evening in Paris? ‘No Air Tickets needed’, Says Embassy

In France, cooking is an art form,

and a national sport ~ Julia Child

An evening in Paris

An evening in Paris

An Evening in Paris

“France, is a woman”, he said as he lightly sipped his Bordeaux wine, “she is beautiful, unpredictable, nurturing and a passionate cook”. I was exchanging notes about the French culture with a gentleman from the Consulate of France in Mumbai. The setting didn’t feel like I was in Mumbai at all! There was a nip in the air in the month of March; we were seated in an elegant little garden overlooking the Arabian Sea and Marine Drive sparkled in the water like golden diamonds on the other side.

Paris, was looking beautiful, as beautiful as I had seen her last. The gorgeously flavourful, light yet rich brioche in my mouth was a testament of the elegance of French culture and cuisine. The deep meatiness of the duck topping rounded off the cloudlike richness of the brioche in a perfect marriage. This tiny appetizer turned out to be my favourite on the menu that evening.

Misunderstanding French Food

When I think about French food, I think butter! Butter and lemon, butter and herbs, buttery soft desserts and butter in layers and layers of flour in a French pastry. French breads and pastry are perhaps the core symbol of French cuisine. Well, breads, and cheese and French wine of course. Yet, why is it that in India, French food is so misunderstood?

Some assume that French and Italian food is the same food! What? Only because they are neighboring nations? You couldn’t be more wrong. French and Italian food is vastly different, so is German food, but German food does bear similarities to the food of Alsace in France, which shares a border with the country.

Anyway, Italian food is more garlicky, deeper flavours, even meatier, in comparison with French food, which is subtler, often lighter and subtly flavoured with herbs and BUTTER! The Provencal region of France is known for using tomatoes and garlic in cooking, other than that French and Italian are vastly different cuisines.

What is Real French Food?

Italian food is identified with fresh and dried pastas, pizzas, use of garlic, tomatoes and cheese. French food is French breads like the French Baguette, pastry like croissants, brioche, profiteroles, eclairs or choux pastry, tarts, custard, soufflé and pralines. French Classic cooking includes some wonderful desserts like the Crème Brulee, Opera Cake, Croquebouche, floating Islands and Gateaus. Gateau, which is, what was known as cake-pastry when we were kids. It also includes small bites or petit fours such as eclairs, macarons andpuff pastry. It is interesting to know that many of the classic French pastry can be made with sweet or savoury filling. Meaning, a quiche could have custard and fruit, it could also have spinach and cheese as the filling.

French entrees or main course in today’s four course meals may include eggs with vegetables, or chicken joints with sauce and frequently, fish or any other form of seafood. The French cuisine preview dinner I attended for instance, offered a selection of entrees such butter poached asparagus with poached egg of toaste topped with Hollandaise sauce, Chicken Fricasse, classic steak and fish with mushrooms.

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Want to Experience and Celebrate French Cooking?

When you sample real French Food it is delightful! If you want to spend an Evening enjoying French Food and wine in an elegant setting, here’s your chance. The French consulate has organized a special gastronomic event “Goût de France / Good France” in India (and the whole world) on Tuesday, 21st March 2017.

Don’t miss this unique chance to savour and share the taste of France in India over the space of a dinner! You can reserve a table at any of the following restaurants in Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

– Artisan, Sofitel

–        Botticino, Trident

–        Fenix, Oberoi

–        Glass Window, Pune

–        Olio, Novotel

–        Olive Bar and Kitchen

–        Olive Bistro


–        RIVEA, Taj (Santa Cruz)

–        The Chambers, Taj Mahal Palace (Colaba)

–        The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point

–        The Square, Novotel (Ahmedabad)

–        Upper Crust Lounge, ITC Maratha

–        Square, Novotel, Candolim

–        The Clearing House, Ballard Estate

–        Indigo Restaurant, Colaba

If you do get a chance to spend An Evening in Paris like I did, do share your experience with me in the comments section below and we can share notes about the French culture and cuisine. They also have some fabulous wines, so don’t forget to try some of those as well.

Chatting with Saransh Goila

Chatting with Saransh Goila



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