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Chaayos v Coffee Shops – Restaurant Wars

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We recently visited Chaayos in Versova Mumbai. Then we visited it again, and again, and again. We began wondering why we were visiting this little meeting point more frequently than say, a Bru World Cafe, Cafe Coffee Day or our next door Snacks Centre.

Here’s why

  1. The Location – like many of its wisely located competitors, Chaayos too, is located in areas with a high footfall. It is located in a place which is perfect for an semi formal meeting or catching up  with a friend for a quick chai.
  2. Novelty – While Bru World Cafe offers a wonderful variety and blends of locally sourced coffee, and a few chais too, and Cafe Coffee Day keeps reinventing their menu, there’s novelty in an All Chai place. India is still essentially a chai drinking country, and after the initial infatuation of teenagers sipping frappes at CCD in the 90s, we are all getting back to the good old chai. Inevitably so! So it is a bit of novelty and a bit of nostalgia.
  3. Price Wise – They are all roughly the same price wise. It costs around Rs 400 to 500 for two people. I was under the impression that Chaayos is cheaper, cause you know, its chai, but no, it isn’t cheaper. It seems cheaper somehow.
  4. Menu Wise – They have everything very desi, very healthy and very relatable on their menu. From Kulhad wali chai to Kaadha style to Chamomile tea. From bhajiyas to chana chaat to muffins. Something about the menu makes you feel at home. It is fresh, it is healthy, it is local. I think it is the reliability of the menu that makes you believe that this place is cheaper than other coffee shops even when its not.
  5. Crowd wise – While CCD reminds me of teenage couples and loud streaky girls around tables sharing a single pastry or coffee, the crowd in the Brus and Chaayos of the world is very different. In the Chaayos I visited I found the crowd to be more mature. In fact, Bru World and Chaayos have WiFi, and a very semi formal meeting kind of culture going. It is a quick chai, no involvement or whiling away time whatsoever.
  6. Comfort wise – The seating of Chaayos is not comfortable. I understand that they don’t want you to get too comfy because these places run on shorter turn around times, but their seating and crowded layout in the Versova outlet wants me to carry my own cushion for the narrow wooden classroom benches that barely accommodate an adults buttocks..!! Pardon my language, but the seating will not allow you to enjoy your chai comfortably for an hour.

What We Didn’t Like

The fact that you MUST enter your phone number each time you place an order, so they can send you promotional random messages every now and then.

I also did not like their seating arrangement and uncomfortable wooden benches.


I would love to go to Chaayos again. You should try it if you are more a Chai guy, or Chai gal. They do offer coffee, but the options are limited. Their menu is very fresh and desi, so perhaps the healthier pick when compared with the many a, often stale smelling bakery items from some of the coffee shops we have mentioned above. They make you chana chaat and fry your bhajiyas in front of you, which makes me find it safer to eat than the stuff in which I have no idea what ingredients might have gone.

Anyway, do try it out and tell us if you agree or disagree with out opinion about Chaayos.

5 Terrific Super Teas for Good Health, Glowing Skin & Detox



For a few of us chai is just an excuse for gupshup. One might want to simply go for a long drive and sip on a hot beverage in this season.. Lovely weather, drizzling & the cool breeze perfectly compliment each other. Just the thought invokes the desire in you.. I can really go for one cup of tea now …;)

I dunk my biscuits & brun maska and enjoy chai the most. I would say quite a few Bombay-ities including my besties love this practice. Pakoras with chai is a humble combination.

The consumption doubles up during the monsoon season to keep us going.

Tea for Health – Super Teas

This beverage is almighty with its aiding properties.

One can simply brew them when you are on the go..
Here are my favorite, dip-dip, on-the-go Tea options

For Slow metabolism – Green Tea

Sleepless nights –   Chamomile

Nauseous –             Ginger Tea

Bloated-                   Peppermint

Cold-                         Elderflower

Stressed –                 Lemon grass

For Glowing skin one needs to detoxify

Detoxifying helps rid us of all the impurities in our system; it is critical to our current lifestyle. Our body stores toxins because of unhealthy eating habits & unhygienic food. So eliminating the toxins becomes imperative for one to become beautiful not just from within but from outside also. We are what we eat & drink. Above-mentioned infusions are for beautiful & healthy you.

Garam Garam Adrak wali Chai

My all time favourite and I don’t miss it for the world unless am travelling is my regular chai.

Here I boil water with ginger & lemon grass and reduced to 1 cup followed by 1 tsp of tea powder & milk. Since I don’t add sugar, I add jaggery powder straight to my cup to avoid splitting.

For most of you adopting the jaggery flavour might take time however, you can add sugar to the same & enjoy. I have switched to jaggery many years back since it’s a healthy form of sweetener & I any day prefer it over sugar. Besides, it has helped me maintained my weight over the years. Jaggery is a super food packed with essential nutrients, aids digestion, prevents blood diseases, improves the metabolism, treats chronic cough, is good for your skin & above all delays the sign of aging, What else does a woman want ..;)

History of Chai

I seriously think we should thank the Chinese emperor Shen Nung as Tea was accidently discovered by him. While he was siting beneath a tree his servant boiled drinking water, some leaves growing nearby blew into the water. The emperor, a renowned herbalist, tried this infusion, which was accidentally invented. As a result of this we now have tea. A Buddhist monk first introduced tea, in Japan.

These are many hearsay stories. But drinking tea is known to have started in China many centuries ago.

During our schooling, in history class we all might vaguely remember the mention of Tang Dynasty. It was during this time that tea became the national drink of China.

A writer called Lu Yu wrote the first book entirely about Tea when it became a favourite beverage. Tea drinking has become vital part of Asian culture.

Did u know, in the 17th century, because of its popularity & high tax on tea not everyone could afford it which led to smuggling of tea into Britain as it was strongly desired. Later the taxation was regularized for all to sip a cuppa.

Tea bags were another accidental invention by Thomas Sullivan in the nineteen hundreds when he sent tea in silk bags to his clients & they steeped the tea without taking it out of the bag! India & China exported tea extensively to England during the 1900s as it became the nation’s favourite drink.

In India & almost all Asian homes the first thing we offer to our guest is tea. This tradition reflects gratitude, humility, which appends warmth to the guest.

Different countries have different ways to infuse the beverage. My favourite is Adrak wali chai (Ginger tea). I simply adore my cup of tea & love to sip it at leisure.

It irritates me when I am disturbed while enjoying my tea. Yes, it sounds crazy but it is indeed one happy moment. I am very particular when it comes to my tea because I prefer it a certain way.

Only tea lovers will understand what I am saying here. It adds the zing to the beginning of the day.


Hope this amazing health beverage brings makes a big difference not just for your palate but for a beautiful & healthy you.

Cheers to hot chai…

Happy Monsoon



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