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11 Vegetarian Romantic Dinner Ideas Using Kama Foods

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

In Ancient India, special Kama Foods were taken after a romantic dinner. Even today, certain practices such as chewing saunf or fennel after a meal, chewing paan and betel nut after dinner and even drinking warm milk with crushed almonds at bedtime are known to improve ones sex life.

A romantic dinner should be pleasing to all the senses; it should be appealing to look at, aromatic and delicious in taste. Here are a few romantic dinner ideas that use food combinations that will not only please your partner’s taste buds but also prepare the body for the romance to follow. These romantic dinner ideas use ingredients rich in zinc and phosphorous for better sex life. Some of these, such as fennel were also used in concoctions as remedies to boost passion and excitement.

  • 1. Chickpeas Tomato Salad with Honey & Peanuts

Chickpeas aka Chhole are rich kn zinc. These are combined with roasted, crushed peanuts to boost energy and stamina. Tomatoes were known as love apples and had as love potion to increase passion and excitement. They are contain with antioxidant lycopene which is a libido enhance in men and women. Honey has been mentioned in sacred texts like the classic Vatasyayana’s Kamasutra as a magical drink for couples to increase sexual desire. These ingredients combined together along with Asian sesame oil and lemon juice will make a satiating dinner for two in every way.

You can watch the video recipe in the link given at the bottom of this article.

  • 2. Hummus Platter & Pita

For vegetarians, Kabuli chana or chickpeas is among the richest sources of zinc. Zinc helps boost the male testosterone. It also helps reduction of acne, making your skin more beautiful. Chickpeas are combined with garlic and tahini made of sesame seeds to make hummus. While raw garlic in hummus improves blood circulation, many ancient civilizations used it to heal and increase sexuality and stamina. Tahina is also rich in zinc and great for your skin and hair.

You can watch the video recipe in the link given at the bottom of this article.

  • 3. Mango Garlic Chili Paneer Sticks – Mexican Style

In Ancient India Mango essence was applied topically on genitals to stimulate desire. That paired with garlic which is known to increase blood flow to both male and female sex organs and boosts libido while chillies added in the dressing are considered a stimulant because they mock reactions similar to sex, like heaviness of breath, heart pounding and as such. Make sure you brush your teeth though, too much garlic breath might be a mood killer!

You can watch the video recipe in the link given at the bottom of this article.

  • 4. Orange, Fennel & Arugula Salad

The Kamasutra refers to fennels as such, ‘if ghee, honey, sugar and liqorice in equal parts, the juice of a fennel plant and milk are mixed together, the nectar is considered to be holy and provocative of sexual vigor’. Rocket leaves or arugula on the other hand, according to modern research blocks environmental contaminants that negatively impact our libido.

So simply toss some olive oil, orange juice and zest with honey and pepper, both ancient india stimulants, with arugula and orange wedges along with pumpkin seeds and you are good to go for a light romantic supper.

  • 5. Leftover Roti ka Meetha with Almonds & Pomegranate

Almonds are loaded with nutrients, they increase passion, act as a sex stimulant and aid in fertility because they are rich in minerals like zinc. As per Indian tradition the groom is given a glass of warm milk with a handful of crushed raw almonds for his wedding night. This combined with pomegranate, which is a symbol of fertility and love in many ancient cultures and adds to the visual appeal with its reddish pearls is simplest recipe for romance. This dish is made with crushed leftover roti, sugar and cardamom powder mixed with hung curd.

You can watch the video recipe in the link given at the bottom of this article.

  • 6. Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries

Chocolate is loaded with libido boosting methyxanthines. It is a great idea to gift chocolate on a romantic dinner date. Chocolate becomes even sexier when it is melted, dipped in luscious pink strawberry and wiped off with fingers in the end.

Here’s the Recipe

Dark Cooking Chocolate Slab (I used Morde)       250g (1/2 slab)

Cream (packaged)           100ml (1/2 cup)

Cognac (use brandy if cognac is unavailable)        30ml

Dark Rum            30ml

Orange zest (remove shavings from the peel with a zester)         2 teaspoons

Cinnamon Powder          1 teaspoon

To Serve

Strawberry         20

Grapes (I prefer Black grapes)                    1 bunch

Marshmellows                  1 large packet

Sliced Cake, cut into croutons                     1 cake


Heat a steel bowl with water and bring the water to a boil. Break chocolate into pieces and place the chocolate in a glass bowl that fits over the steel bowl with the boiling water. Melt the chocolate in this double boiler.

Add in cream to the chocolate and stir. Let the chocolate be placed over the hot water but turn off the heat.

Now add in the cognac and rum into the melted chocolate and stir.

Add in the orange zest and cinnamon powder. Stir.

Allow it to stand for a 5 to 7 minutes so the flavor is infused in the chocolate (light the candles meanwhile).

Place a fresh bowl full of hot water under the chocolate fondue and serve with strawberry, black grapes, marshmellows and cake croutons if you like.

  • 7. Makana Matar (Fox nut & Peas) Curry with Roti

Makhana or Fox nut is rich in minerals and is known to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sperm. Makhana tossed in ghee is a specially good snack to boost male fertility and sexuality, particularly in older men. Peas is full of protein and micro nutrients to help boost stamina.

To make makhana matar, simple toss the makhana in some ghee and set aside. Do the same with peas. Make an gravy with ginger, garlic, fried onion and tomato masala. Add in coriander powder, red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Add the sauted peas and makhana into the gravy along with salt. Serve with warm rotis.

  • 8. Vegetarian Szechwan Fried Rice with Garlic & Chilli

We have talked about the properties of garlic that boost your sex life. While the heat and chillies in this desi chinese recipe teases the senses by mimicking similar reactions as sex, like shortness of breat, panting and pounding of the heart. Aside from that it is a filling and delicious meal and your partner and you will enjoy.

You can watch the video recipe in the link given at the bottom of this article.

  • 9. Watermelon Tomato Chaat with basil & Pumpkin Seeds

Watermelon is now being called a natural Viagra! It is rich in amino acid citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels like Viagra. In addition to that, both watermelon and tomatoes have lycopene, which are known to boost libido. The salad is made even more refreshing with fresh sweet basil for a fragrant breath afterwards! Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and know to pump sexual prowess and vigor in the bedroom.

  • 10. Cut Up Banana with Long Pepper & Pepper Cream, Honey & Almonds

Not just for their appearance, bananas are rich in phosphorus, which is good for a healthy sex life and increased sex drive. Long pepper and black pepper with honey was used in ancient india to boost sex drive. This, along with almonds with also give you energy and better stamina, this is a recipe for romantic success.

Here’s a recipe to make Long Pepper cream from the Telegraph UK

5 Indonesian long pepper catkins, snapped, cracked and ground with a pestle and mortar

300ml cream, thick enough to spoon

4 tbsp pure cane brown sugar

5 cardamom seeds, opened and crushed

1 Madagascar vanilla pod, scraped

1 pinch of icing sugar to dust

Mix or whisk the brown sugar, cardamom and vanilla along with the ground long pepper into the cream just before serving.

Sprinkle a little extra sparingly on top at the end and a dusting of icing sugar.

  • 11. Whole Wheat Pasta with Pumpkin Seed & Spinach Pesto

Pumpkin seeds is rich in nutrients, libido boosting vitamins and minerals like zinc that increase your sex drive. This happens to be one of my favorite Martha Stewart recipes. To make this pasta, simple cook the pasta in salted boiling water for 7 to 9 minutes or until it is firm to bite. Combine toasted pumpkin seeds along with baby spinach, parsley, chives, lemon zest, salt, pepper and garlic in a food processor and pulse until smooth. Toss with pasta and cook with1/2 cup of pasta cooking liquid. Garnish with tomatoes and ricotta.


I hope you have a wonderful evening or evenings with your loved one. These foods are not only good for sex and romance but also great for your fitness in general. Don’t forget to show some love to yourself and enjoy these meals just to treat yourself well! Do let me know if you enjoyed these recipes and what you ended up cooking for your special date night.

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Kriti Saxena

Author at FoodmantraTV
A food journalist and researcher. Food, for me, is therapy, emotional and physical. Like you, I was born to eat, I ended up learning how to cook because I love to eat. I use natural foods to make easy, tasty food. Together, let's try to balance what we WANT to eat versus what is good for our body and mind.
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12 Protein Rich Vegan Indian Dishes

Chhole foodmantra

Chhole foodmantra

Did you know some of our favourite Indian dishes are rich in vegan protein? I’m a non-vegetarian practicing veganism for 30 days. More on that later, but today is Day 4 of my #30DayVeganChallenge and I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable. When our body is deficient in protein, we are likely to notice symptoms like anxiety, depression, muscle pain, constant tiredness and breakage of nails and hair.

I’ve been eating eggs and dairy everyday since I was six months old, so lack of both is a bit of a shock for my body. I started reading up about vegan, plant based protein sources and I realized that if I increase the intake of some of my favourite Indian dishes, I would actually get most of the protein I need per day. The daily protein requirement is estimated to be around 1 gm per kg of my body weight.

Listed below are some of the protein rich vegan sources, which are already a part of a standard Indian diet. All I’m going to do is increase the quantity and frequency of these dishes in my daily routine. I am also introducing Soy Milk and soya chunks in my diet to compensate the protein dose I was getting from eggs and dairy products such as cheese, curd, buttermilk and milk.


#1 Dal Chaaval

The combination of lentils with hand-pounded rice is considered to be complete protein for our body. Lentils are rich in methionine and low in lysine; while rice is high is lysine and low in methionine, making the dal-rice combination golden for our daily protein intake. Tempering Dal with fat such as cold pressed coconut oil helps absorb the vitamins in dal-rice that are fat-soluble. So adding some kind of fat to your dal-chaaval is important.


#2 Mixed Sprouts Chaat

Sprouts of chana, moong and other beans are rich in proteins. Enzymes are activated and they become even more nutritious once they sprout. These beans have the potential to become a whole plant, so they are loaded with nutrients. Mixed sprouts, when tossed with raw salad including onions, tomatoes and green chillies make the combination rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Add raw herbs and mint chutney to the chaat to make it tasty and healthier. This is a great option for an evening snack, for 4 to 6pm hunger pangs.


#3 Chhole

A cup of chickpeas has about 13g of protein in it. Punjabi Chhole curry is prepared in north india by soaking and boiling chickpeas with salt. Chickpea curry is eaten in different ways all across India. Chickpeas are rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates and magnesium for your heart’s health! Chhole should be cooked with ginger or asafetida (hing) to ease digestion. It is also a good idea to sprout the chickpeas before making chhole for maximum nourishment from the meal. Chickpeas also regulate blood sugar. There are also some great Kebabs which you can make with leftover chhole!


#4 Green Peas / Matar ka Nimona

Recently, I had shared a recipe for matar ka nimona in a bread bowl. This recipe contains yogurt but in its place you can add any souring agent such as tamarind pulp or dried mango powder to finish. Green peas are rich in protein and fiber, they are also good for Type II diabetes patients. Lightly sautéed peas are full of nutrients and easier to digest than chickpeas. Get recipe here.


#5 Rajma Chaaval

Kidney beans are a protein staple that is being eaten in India for centuries. They are soaked overnight, boiled with salt and ginger before cooking in an onion-tomato based gravy. The protein in rajma combined with protein in rice make up for a protein rich diet for vegetarians.


#6 Palak Sarson ka Saag

Spinach is rich in proteins and mustard greens are rich in Vitamin A, K and C. When making saag it is better to lightly sauté the greens in fat rather than boil them. Boiling the saag in water will result in loss of all the water-soluble nutrients in the process. Palak Sarson ka saag prepared without boiling can do wonders to improve our health and immunity.

#7 Badaam ka Halwa

Rather than over cooking the almonds, I have a simpler way we can enjoy a more creamy and less tideous badam ka halwa. 1 cup Almonds are first soaked overnight, the allow them to dry completely for a day. After they are dried, grind them with a tablespoon of coconut oil until the paste is smooth. Mix honey or jiggery syrup and enjoy! Almonds are rich in protein and halwa made in this way is very nutritious and delicious.


#8 Til- gud ki Vadi

Along with iron, magnesium, potassium, white sesame is also rich in protein. So including the little chikki and vadis made in festivals are actually good for vegetarian protein. The quantity of protein for the day can be compensated with tit bits such as these vadis to make up for the daily protein requirement for vegans.


#9 Amaranth Laddoos (Ramdana laddoo)

Ramdana or popped amaranth grains also contain protein. They are very nutritious and although they cannot provide the major chunk of protein in a vegan diet, its contribution in a vegan diet helps in compensating for the protein requirement per day.


#10 Whole Masoor Dal Sabji

Puy lentils or whole masoor dal is even given to lactating mothers in India for its nutritional benefits. These protein rich lentils can fulfill a major chunk of protein requirements for vegetarians per day. One cup (198g) of lentils has nearly 18g protein. This means that I generous serving of cooked masoor dal will help me meet my daily protein requirement.You can find a great European style soup made with leftover whole masoor dal here. 


#11 Soya Matar Sabji

There has been a lot of debate about the benefits and harmful effects of soya. We must make sure that the source of soya is organic, non-GMO when we use it in everyday cooking. My standard homemade vegetarian meal consists of more carbohydrates than protein, by including soya matar sabji or tofu matar, where both ingredients are rich in protein, I will be able to make up for the protein needs of my body to avoid symptoms like anxiety, depression, hair loss and muscle pain.


#12 Moong dal Chila

This is by far my favourite breakfast preparation made with lentils. Whole moong dal is soaked overnight or sprouted, then grind and made into pancakes with coconut oil. It is served with a raw chutney made of fresh herbs such as coriander leaves and mint. This makes this a filling, healthy breakfast, packed with protein and nutrients. This recipe can also be used to make paniyarams or wadas along with tomato chutney.


I am increasing my protein intake with these dishes, I hope it will help you too. I will share the overall impact on my health after these plant based replacements were increased in my diet. If you have any feedback to share please write in comments section below.

Kriti Saxena
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Kriti Saxena

Author at FoodmantraTV
A food journalist and researcher. Food, for me, is therapy, emotional and physical. Like you, I was born to eat, I ended up learning how to cook because I love to eat. I use natural foods to make easy, tasty food. Together, let's try to balance what we WANT to eat versus what is good for our body and mind.
Kriti Saxena
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