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Celebrate BIG Weekends on a Small Budget; Rose Sparkling Wine

Rose Sparkling Wine

Budget Champagne

We love to celebrate..!! And if anything you’re like us, the kind that like to celebrate everything from “new fax paper in office” like Chandler to welcoming the weekend, then this Budget Sparkling wine might be the right pick for you too.

At MRP Rs 590, as on date in Maharashtra this baby is the small budget version to celebrate the little joys in life. Honestly speaking, I’m not wine connoisseur but I like the emotion attached with bringing in a celebration by popping a bottle of Champagne. If you love to celebrate every little thing too, but don’t wish to spend two grand on it each time, then you should try the ceremony of this Frizzano bottle by Good Drop Wine Cellars in Nasik.

I’d say the wine is best paired with spicy Indian curry, or may be even a creamy butter chicken. I also tried pairing it with some fruit for the little sweetness to complement the tartness in the wine. There is Champagne for the more sophisticated palates among us, then there is something like this affordable bottle, you buy this more for the fun of it than the flavour. I’d say the loud flavours of a nice spicy curry with garam masala would mask some of its less flattering notes.

This little celebration will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you do happen to try it, let me know what you paired it with and whether that pairing was a success.

Craving a Weekday Buzzzzzz? We found a Chiller buddy..!!


Rio Fizzy Wine

Rio Fizzy Wine

Disclaimer – Rio Fizzy Wine was sent to us for a trial. We did not buy this Fizzy wine. We maintain transparency with our readers so we must inform you that the information below is not a promotional activity or a paid article but our honest opinion about this product.


I’m a beer drinker. Most of my friends, family and loved ones are beer patriots. It is always hard for us, beer lovers to step out of our comfort zone and try a new chilled, fizzy drink.


Let me explain what an Alcopop is, an alcopop is like a flavoured soft drink, except that it’s got a small percentage of alcohol, so it’s not a soft drink. I don’t want to sound sexist, and offend myself, but Alcopops are often called “Women’s Drink”. I don’t think it is a “woman’s drink” but I do agree that it is a beginners’ drink. Alcopops are sweetened drinks that give you a light buzz, so anyone who is just trying out his or her first few drinks, can try something like this.


In this category, the only other Alcopop I have tasted is breezer, and I do enjoy some of the flavours. Breezer however, is not a wine based Alcopop.


Rio’s Fizzy Wine costs Rs 100 in Maharashtra as on date. It is slightly cheaper than some of its counterparts in the Alcopop category. However, for me the taste of this Alcopop was a bit harsh. It did not leave that smooth finish on the palate. I believe that if a beginner or someone new to alcohol tries it out, they might not comfortable with the loud notes in it.


Having said that, it is a Fizzy wine, and a one of kind product in this budget. Usually when I’m looking to unwind on a weekday, after a long hard day I prefer to drink a beer. I tried it out for a light buzz midweek, and found it to be affordable and enjoyable when had with a mild cheese or a fruit salad. Since it is on the tart, acidic side in its flavor, sweeter, milder and creamier foods will pair better with it.


Perhaps one can have this Rio Fizzy Wine with rich creamy pasta, a seafood curry with coconut milk or some pudding. It will pair well with creamy, sweet tasting food.


I found the product to be very unique and interesting because of the wine base, and rarely do we find wine based alco pops on the shelves. However, because of its tart, acidic taste I wasn’t a fan of its flavor profile. It wasn’t suitable for my palate, however, if one pairs it with a creamy, mild cheese then it might be a refreshing break for that weekday buzz that we all crave.

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